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The Story of 2-Wheels: Growing up, the rite of passage of every individual was learning how to ride a bike. As we grew, bike riding enabled us to experience a pathway to freedom and we experienced ultimate joy that only 2-wheels could provide. The bike connected us to people, places and experiences that gave us a taste of independence. Joyful memories. Then, life happened… Years and even decades go by before we realize we want that joy back in our lives. Hopping back on 2-wheels helps us realize that simple childhood joy all over again. You never forgot how to ride, you simply forgot about how it made you feel. Pure joy. 2-Wheels. It’s time to ride – again.


1 Nov
The End to a Perfect Day

The End to a Perfect Day

November 2005 I traveled to Tucson, Arizona to coach 22 members of Indiana's Leukemia and ... More


21 Apr
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Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake. - Henry David Thoreau