Our Sundance program builds better bikers one skill at a time from the beginner through the advanced mountain bike rider.  We offer stellar instruction by passionate, experienced and certified coaches.

We teach the fundamental skills from the ground up in a safe progressive building block manner in a fun energetic environment. Each fundamental skill is a progression to the next maneuver you wish to master on your bike. Our program will take your riding skills— literally, up in the air!

You will develop a new perspective behind your bars;

  • Be safe with our Rock-Solid progression of skills – dialed-in before advancement
  • Create a new life and fill your soul with adrenaline
  • Take fear out, relax and dance on your bike while riding smoothly over your favorite trails
  • Develop & refine body position
  • Understand balance & track stands
  • Weight placement & pressure control
  • Brake effectively & gain more confidence
  • Bike set up for optimal control
  • Develop a positive mind – an ‘I can’ attitude!
  • Precise slow speed switchbacks
  • Maintain traction with high speed cornering techniques
  • Lift those wheels with passion; front & rear, level lift, pedal punch, manual, bunny flop & hop
  • Learn to love hills – Key techniques to minimize exertion & maximize success
  • Race & Visualization techniques – Interpret trail for best line selection
  • Master drops, lofts & jumps
  • Secrets to straight line riding: teeter-totters, bridges & off-camber trails
  • Discover yourself on a forever changing path!
  • Sundance Mountain Bike Skills Clinic
  • Sundance Mountian Bike Skills Clinic
  • Sundance MTB Skills Clinic

“People Are Not Looking for the Meaning of Life, They Are Looking to Feel Alive!” - Sally Marchand Collins