Industry Nine Componentry

Every design starts with a desire, a spark, an inspiration. With persistence, a spark is turned into a flame.
Industry Nine (i9) was forged from the fire of determination. Checking the boxes of light weight and performance weren’t enough for us. We wanted a design so powerful the jaws of Cerberus couldn’t stop it. Utilizing the precision of the wire EDM, we created a drive mechanism Hercules would sprint on.

We’re not just a wheel company, we’re passionate individuals brought together by the pursuit of excellence. It’s a hard thing to grasp and an even harder thing to accomplish. We are driven by it, not because we want to sell more wheels (we’ll be honest though, we do want to sell more wheels,) but because when we strap on our helmets and put power to the earth, the only limiting factor should be our own mind, never our equipment.

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