Our Sundance program builds better bikers one skill at a time in a safe environment from the beginner through the advanced mountain bike rider. We offer stellar instruction by experienced certified coaches.

Sundance teaches energizing and empowering custom clinics and camps for women, men, youth, teens, couples, families, senior citizens, cancer survivors, TNT friends, Para Riders, military & first responders.


Custom ClinicsSundance specializes in customizing mountain bike clinics and camps from beginners through pro riders with their desired needs.

We dial in the fundamental mountain bikes skills while advancing each person to ride technical trails, bunny-hops, drops, wheelies, pedal lifts, jumps, high speed turns, carving corners, railing berms, plus so much more!

We love hearing our clinics are dropping minutes off their lap times! We also work with gravel riders and racers too!

  • Private 1-on-1 Clinic
  • 1 Day Group Clinic
  • 2 ½ Day Camp
  • We can customize a clinic or camp for you with Go-Pro recording, race tactics, line-choices, on-trail instruction and dialing the ideal form that works for you.

Is it time to create a new you? Our custom clinics and camps help you "Create the life you wish to live!"


Private 1-on-1 Clinic  
  • $275 3-hour clinic (1 participant)
  • $400 5-hour clinic (1 participant)


Small Personal Clinic
  • $150/person 3-hour clinic (2-7 participants)
  • $275/person 5-hour clinic (2-7 participants)


1 Day Group Clinic
  • $250/person 6-hour clinic* (8-24 participants)

*(For every additional 6 participants, another certified coach will be added)


2 ½ Day Custom Camp
  • Contact us for pricing (50-100 participants)
  • Create your own camp! ~Ask for details


Sundance Race Team and Club - Powered by the Electric Fox

Sundance MTB Powered by Electric Fox mountain bike race team and club to build youth and adults’ confidence, leadership skills, and fitness through mountain biking.

  • Coop Race Team and Club
  • Spring and Fall Training Camps
  • Group Mountain Bike Trips
  • Team discounts from sponsors
  • Membership: T-Shirt, patch, sticker and access to race team and club kits

We are taking applications for our coop race team and club!


Electric Fox at Sundance - Our Sister Company!

Electric Fox is our professional mountain bike fitting service, customized training/race programs, mobile assistance to mountain bikers along with bike rentals, and public speaking engagements.


Team Building | Corporate | Special Occasion Clinics and Camps
  • Staff Team Building Clinic | Create a new bond for employees through mountain biking
  • Retreat Camp | company's employee health and wellness program
  • Special Occasion | Reunion or Party | Friends, Family, Team, Church & School
  • Fulfillment Retreat - When Life Becomes "Minus One" - Letting the Bike Find You Peace


Inspirational Rides
  • Gravel Rides
  • Camping Rides
  • Mountain Bike Trail Guide

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Sally Marchand Collins | Certified MTB Skills Instructor

Sally Marchand Collins | Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Development ~ Discovery ~ Determination

Sally motivates individuals to lead a life beyond their dreams. She has a heart that fills others and a passion to see others live the life they dream of! She helps others move mountains by helping them climb to the top.

Empowering Cyclists and Teams

  • Custom Bike Shop Clinic | Ladies Night Event, Bike Maintenance, Bike & Gear Selection
  • Bike Concierge | Choosing the right bike & gear to fit your passion

"We all bike for different reasons, whether it makes you feel like a kid, you are racing to win, it brings you into nature, it puts love in your heart, it bonds you with friends or gives you a feeling of accomplishment, biking is the essential thing that connects us."

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