Sometimes Your Best Days Come So Unexpected!

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I keep thinking about this past weekend and hope you don’t mind if I share this…

I hosted my first Trek Women’s Advocate ride on Friday at 6pm which was a lot of fun with a group of ladies and guys from previous clinics. Around 11pm, my friends and I were walking around the jump course deciding where to conduct our mountain bike skills clinic Saturday morning at 8 am for the Grand Opening of Griffin Bike Park in Terre Haute, Indiana.

One of the late night bobcat drivers approached and asked, “are you my night crew?” I said, “Sure! How can we help?” “Do you mind helping me move that pile of mulch to make the picnic area look nice for the grand opening tomorrow?” “Of course!”

My boyfriend David, our friend Charles (who has one arm), his 10-year old son Paul, and I grabbed rakes to spread this HUGE pile of mulch in the dark. When we finished, we went to sleep for a few hours.

The next morning, the alarm went off at 5 am. We set up our mountain bike skills course. After our fun mountain bike skills clinic finished, we all headed back to the RV. Charles said, “The nicest lady wants to talk to you.” I walked outside and to my surprise, a lady in her 70’s said, “Is there another skills clinic today or tomorrow?  I seem to have trouble going into turns on the trail.” I said, “hello, I’m Sally, what’s your name?” “Judy…and these are my grandsons, Elijah and Corbin!” “It’s nice to meet you all. There isn’t one, but I would be happy to give you a clinic now!”

She smiled the biggest smile. When I finished her clinic, she had tears of joy and she hugged me!  Her grandson Elijah asked, “Grandma can I borrow your helmet now?” (They shared a helmet.)

The next day, I was assisting Brian Lopes for a Mountain Bike Action Magazine shoot, and I saw Judy in the distance watching us. When I finished, I raced over to her.  “How are you Judy?” “Oh, Sally I was so excited by everything you taught me that it’s hard to remember all of it even with your wonderful Cliff Notes! Could I film you sometime?” I said, “Is now okay?!” “Really?!” She had tears of joy again!  As we walked over to the skills area, she said, “I Googled your name last night and watched your YouTube speech. When my grandsons walked into the house, they asked, “Grandma are you okay? What’s with all the Kleenex?” She replied to them, “It’s Sally giving a speech during an inspirational dinner.” I received another hug!

After my private clinic with Judy, Charles gave his helmet to the Elijah and said, “you can have my helmet, I won it in a race.” I looked at Elijah and said, “you are so lucky, you get to wear a trophy on your head!!” He roared into laughter!

It’s ladies, families and friends like this, that have brought me back for the last 14 years to continue coaching and they fill my heart!  

It’s an honor to inspire others!  Thank you Trek for allowing us to do what we love to do!

(Corbin, Judy and Elijah)

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    Gene Griffin
    February 7, 2017 (3:07 pm)

    Sally… you are, as we all know, or will know if you haven’t met Sally yet, a most incredible person. Thanks so much for all you’ve done to help put the Griffin Bike Park story on the a megaphone to the country. We appreciate you and all you do to encourage, motivate and love those with whom you are associated. May 2017 be one of your best ever!!