Charles Scott McDonald $

Charles Scott McDonald

Fantastic instruction. If you don't have fun you can punch my right arm two times. - Charles Scott McDonald    

Children's Testimonials $



Child's Testimonial





Heather Dean Brewer $


Sally is an outstanding coach with remarkable experience in mountain biking and teaching mountain bike skills. Sally is a generous and giving leader who challenges and inspires her clients to do their best. Sally worked with my daughter who is typically timid and hesitant to try new things. However, my daughter's timidity was no match for Sally's contagious smile and approachable personality. She had her trying new things on the mountain bike that I didn't imagine was possible. Sally has a way of breaking down skills so that they are easy to understand and easy to apply. Sally's enthusiasm and commitment to invest in others is obvious and we're grateful for it. If you're interested in improving your skills, getting faster, riding new obstacles, or maybe you've never seen a trail before but it looks like fun--sign up to work with Sally. She's amazing. - Heather Dean Brewer    

Janet Sherman $


I loved my session with coach Sally! I've been mountain biking for about 6-7 years now and I was still nervous going in especially considering the laundry list of things I wanted to work on. Sally's instruction was great, she broke things down very well and helped me visualize what I need to do with my body position - she helped me do my first wheelie ever! The positive and encouraging energy is fantastic, how could I not believe in myself when I'm learning from such a great cheerleader? Do it, get a session, you'll be amazed at how much better you'll ride afterwards. - Janet Sherman    

Jared Wayne Holmes $


I took my 11 yr old complete novice daughter to one of the skills clinics. She could only be there for the first half of the day, but what a difference that made. Sally went above and beyond to help my daughter. The basic skills she learned have made a tremendous difference in my daughter's skills on the bike, in her confidence, and in her enthusiasm for riding. I learned several things myself simply by watching. I knew most of what was being taught, but knowing the how and why made a difference in my riding. I would absolutely recommend taking one of these skills clinics. It is definitely worth the time. - Jared Wayne Holmes    

Sundance Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Camp $


Ladies - do you ride a mountain bike, and want to hone current skils, or learn new ones? Do you NOT ride a mountain bike, and want to learn how?! This is the clinic for you!

I know Sally Marchand Collins personally.  She is a world class mountain biker, and one of the most enthusiastic human beings you will ever meet! Give it a try! Find a new adventure!! Be ready to sign up first thing on March 7th, as this clinic will sell out! - Melissa Hawkins

Sundance Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic Testimonial $

Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic Testimonial

At the end of the day I was so proud of myself and so pumped about mountain biking that I really fell in love with the sport! - anonymous    

Sundance Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic Testimonial $

Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic Testimonial

Just a wonderful overall experience!  Loved the work your butt off during the day, bonfires, beer and laughter at night camping outside.... does it really get any better than that!

I had the most awesome time this weekend.  I am exhausted!  But I cannot wait to get started practicing my new skills and riding my bike better.  Thank you so much! - anonymous    


Sundance Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic Testimonial $

 Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic Testimonial

I loved it!  I am now thoroughly addicted to mountain biking and looking to buy my own.  I can't wait to come back next year!

Great job!  This shin-dig has really come a long way.  I can't imagine there is anything out there better for women than what you are all doing! - anonymous    