Traders Point Creamery

Organic & 100% Grassfed

Traders Point Creamery started bottling certified organic milk, and selling direct to customers in the central Indiana region in the summer of 2003. As the first USDA certified organic farm in Indiana, we are committed to never using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, or hormones. Our milk is certified organic by an independent certification authority, Indiana Certified Organic, who verifies USDA standards. Our herd of Brown Swiss cows are 100% grassfed – no grain ever – and free to roam in our pastures of fertile soil and well-cultivated grass blends.

We produce artisan dairy products, which means they have been made in small batches using traditional methods. Like our farming practices, our production is designed with health and sustainability as the goals. We use minimally invasive methods to retain as much of the milk’s natural flavor, character, and health benefits as possible. Our milks are not homogenized, and the yogurts are made from a traditional European recipe.

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